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Agreement: personal_info_consent_2016

Compute Canada Personal Information Consent

Tag / Version personal_info_consent_2016

Consent to Collect, Use and Disclose Personal Information

Compute Canada (CC) may, in the course of its operations, collect, use and disclose certain aspects of your personal information in order to fulfill its mandate and to run its services. Only necessary and relevant information as mentioned below will be collected, and this information will only be shared with your consent. It is important that everyone using a CC service understand what information CC consider important to collect versus what information CC considers out-of-scope and thus private to users.

Information we collect

We collect information that you provide to us when you sign up and use one of CC's managed systems or services. Information such as where you logged in from, how long you used the system, and details of how you used system resources while logged in are all examples of information that we collect and use to help better secure, manage and run our systems. It is important that we collect such information for us to protect privacy and integrity of data on our systems. Several types of information are collected to fulfill our reporting obligation to funding agency or to manage access to resources.

The following personal information may be collected, used, and disclosed by CC:

  • Identity information (CC Identifier, username, CC role(s), etc)
  • Session information (login IP, geolocalisation, session preference, login IP, etc)
  • Contact information (telephone, email)
  • Academic information (institution membership, department, field or research, etc)
  • CV information (CCV or similar)
  • Sponsor information (list of sponsored users under your account or who sponsored you)
  • Project information (project identifier, project membership, project title, project description, research area, etc)
  • Usage information (allocation identifier, allocation membership, resource utilization, service utilization, event attendance, etc)

Information we do not collect

It is important to note that CC does not, in the course of its operations, inspect, collect or disclose information related to the actual data that users store, process or transmit while using a CC system. Such information is considered out-of-scope and private to users with the following important exceptions:

  • Where CC is legally obliged to disclose such information
  • When granted explicit permission to do so by the data owners (for example, to help troubleshoot a technical problem)
  • When mandated to do so and subject to the conditions given and authorized by the data classification policy or guideline
  • During the course of investigating a security incident that may compromise the privacy and protection of data on a CC managed system

CC considers the privacy and protection of user data to be of primary importance. More information is available in the CC privacy and data protection policy if you would like to learn details about our commitment toward privacy and data protection:

Who we might share your personal information with

Some of the personal information we collect may at some point need to be shared with external organizations or individuals in accordance with their legitimate need for such information. For example, a response to a security incident on a CC system may need to be followed up with the user's host institution. The following are considered legitimate recipients of users' personal information collected by CC:

  • CC team members
  • Regional organisations supporting CC activities (WestGrid, Compute Ontario, Calcul Québec, ACENET)
  • Canadian academic institutions operating a service on behalf of CC
  • Host institutions of users
  • External reviewers who take part of resource allocation
  • Law authorities

CC will never disclose any personal information to third parties for the purposes of profit or advertisement or any commercial endeavour.

Retention of personal information

CC retains the right to store any of the personal information listed above and collected during the course of a user interaction with a CC system for as long as it may deem necessary to fulfill its goals of operating and providing a valuable service to the research community, or as required for reporting to the funding agency.

Note that if you do not agree to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, compute Canada will not be able to offer you its services and your account will not be activated or renewed.